I find that regardless of our differences, unexplainable loops intricately spiral through our world, winding along, connecting us.  At times you arrive where you already were, you struggle against the loop, all the while attempting to explain the inexplicable, the inter-connectedness, the coincidences.  This is the adventure, the journey that we share, that fascinates me.  This journey is characterized by the developments of humanity, from the first inkling of philosophy through historical, visual, biologic, linguistic, religious, and cultural perspectives, culminating in the diverse world in which we live.  I hope to capture this energy to build a generally fashionable community for literary, artistic, and political people; one that fosters creativity and growth, both on an individual and a cultural level.  

Photo from  eHow .

Photo from eHow.

I am September, a twenty-something female expat living in South Korea, who currently studies philosophy, raja yoga, photography, and the "Self".  I will share my thoughts and opinions spanning vast subjects and experiences.  Along the way, I will insert innocuous links to objects I am discussing for easy reference as well as review items that I love and/or hate.  I am not paid by any product I talk about or link to, however if the link connects to Amazon, I will receive some compensation if you make a purchase.  Finally, I hope to build a generally fashionable community for literary, artistic and political people, one that fosters creativity and growth, both on an individual and a cultural level.

While I have visited many establishments, including restaurants, bars, museums, theaters, I often find it hard to discover the real details you want to know before going somewhere. What is the service like? Are the prices decent? How exactly do you get there? Is it worth my time anyway? So, I thought that I would make my own map for others.

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