The Great Exploration of the World’s Animals

Phone1577-4356                                         Featured December 1, 2012 - March 3, 2013

Ambiance:  I would like to preface with "I haven't been yet, this is a report from a friend."  I just wanted to get a nod out as soon as possible so that all my friends with little guys could make it to the show before it closes. The exhibit was family, friendly fun! The museum seemed to allow touching the animals and there were many places for pictures.

Event:  This is an incredible taxidermy exhibition of the life and stories of some 220 endangered animals from around the world. The animals are on loan from the Masai Gallery in Belgium, and was created to increase awareness for endangered animals. The showcase includes lions, tigers and bears, oh my! 

Won:  15,000 for Adults, 12,000 for Children