All-American Diner

Location:  Close to the Itaewon Arch, before and on the same side as McDonald's. Look up though, it's on the third floor.  Phone:  02-790-0411


Ambiance:  The restaurant reminds you of an outside diner with picnic style tables.  The problem is the service, it is completely hit or miss. Once, I walked into the empty restaurant, the hostess nodded and smiled at me and then ignored me for ten minutes (until I left). Another time, I walked into the crowded restaurant with the wait staff hustling and bustling about and was seated immediately. There is no rhyme or reason and it doesn’t stop after you are seated. The waiters are generally inattentive, with myself or friends often having to track them down for silverware or to order or to wonder if we will ever receive drinks. Again, this is hit or miss as there are just as many times that everything has gone flawlessly. I say go for a leisurely time with your friends and you will be fine.

Food:  The food is inspired by the ambiance, as in it is hit or miss. Overall, it seems to depend upon who the cook is when you go. It can be really good, almost perfect, but it can be overly greasy and lackluster. It seems the good chef works in the evening. They have a well thought out menu with a wide variety of food items covering breakfast to dinner. As an extra bonus, the breakfast is served all day.  

Won:  10 - 20,000 per person (including drink)

UPDATE:  Out of Business.