Ho Lee Chow

Location:  Second floor of the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon.  Phone:  02-793-0802

Ambiance:  Ho Lee Chow has a robust, almost diner-like atmosphere, with a friendly staff. The restaurant is family-friendly, and often coordinates the decorations with the season. At Halloween, the staff were dressed in costume, and they usually have Santa hats for Christmas. Additionally, the place is large, making it an ideal choice for a large group outing or social. However, be sure to bring your assertive side, as the waitstaff is not necessarily attentive. They don't ignore you or anything, it's just the standard Korean impetus for you to gain their attention.

Food:  Craving some American-style Chinese food? Then definitely check out this place! The plates are made for sharing, and you should likely think of them as platters. I usually order one meat dish, Buddha's Tofu, a fried rice, hot & sour soup, and friend spring rolls for three to four adults. They are definitely set up for sharing, and I don't think it's very cost effective to go alone. That said, they will package your items to go in non-spill to-go boxes with shrink-wrapped covers.

Price:  20 - 50,000 Won for three to four people (including drinks)