Ambiance:  As soon as you walk into the theater, you are thrust into the world of cats.  Each detail seems well thought out.  The stage decor stretches into the audience, making you feel part of the experience.  The backdrop is full of simple, everyday items such as a stove and tennis racket, but they are scaled such that you feel the cast really are cats and that is how they view the world and you are part of that journey because you are also so small.    

Event:  The cast is uncannily catlike in their movements and gestures.  You will enjoy watching the show for this reason alone.  Plus, at various times and especially at intermission, the cats mingle with the audience.  One jumped from chair-back to chair-back.  Another sneaky one stole a ladies purse, watching the poor lady chase the cat made a bit of fun for the whole audience.  Some just dropped by on their paws to hiss or purr at you.  It really was amazing to see and I think kids or kids at heart would have a great time.    

At the very least, I suggest reading  the wiki synopsis before going, because the event is translated into Korean and the action is completely secondary to the music.  Usually, there is enough action in a play, opera or musical to warrant understand even in another language, but this musical is based on the words of the songs.  So, if you don't have any idea what your getting into, then you will have only the vaguest idea of what is happening in front of you.  Overall, the setting is detailed to make you feel catlike, the music is pretty, the cast is wonderful and the show is in Korean.

Won:  100 - 200,000 per person