Mamma Mía!

Ambiance:  Immediately, I noticed how warm and friendly the staff greeted the hundreds of guests.  As you enter the theater, the soundtrack wafts through the air and the main backdrop looms center stage.  The theater is very traditional with red comfy tiered seats, detailed wooden-looking walls and giant red velvet curtains.  The tiered seating means that every seat is great, though of course I prefer sitting front and center so that I can feel like I am part of the action. 

Event:  The cast is just wonderful, almost perfect, especially the leading lady!  They are completely synced which draws you into their world.  While all the actor are great, Sophie by far outshines everyone because she truly, energetically becomes Sophie.  She has true star potential.  Between the wonderful actors, the music and the sheer energy generated, you hardly notice the whole thing is in Korean as you find yourself tapping your foot and singing along (not too loudly I hope!). 

I like to see these musicals knowing little to nothing about the details, because I feel that better suits me to explain how easy or difficult they are to ascertain when in Korean.  As I suggested earlier, you can go see Mamma Mía without any prior knowledge.  Though here is the wiki synopsis if you want to check it out anyway.  Overall, I say go see it, you will have a blast!

Won:  100 - 200,000 per person