D-Cube City Mall

Phone 1330

Location:  Sindorim Station, exit 1 and follow the signs or the people.

Venue:  The venue is actually a mall, a real western style mall.  The theater is just a small part of the mall, located on the 9th Floor.  The theater is very traditional with red comfy tiered seats, detailed wooden-looking walls and giant red velvet curtains.  The tiered seating means that every seat is great, though of course I prefer sitting front and center so that I can feel like I am part of the action.  

Experience:  The building itself is amazing and modern both inside and out.  There were so many stores, I was lost for words as I made my way to the theater.  I definitely plan on returning to check out the stores, as I saw many favorites such as Zara and H&M.  Pictures and more experiences are sure to follow!

Family Fun:  This place has an indoor theme park for kids, called Pororo Theme Park.

Staff:  The staff, security personnel, etc were a nice and helpful.