Doctor Zhivago

Ambiance:  As you enter the theater, you are greeted by a most interesting backdrop of blackout with a vertical line of intriguing shapes going straight up the middle.  By the time you find your seat and settle in, your eyes begin to adjust to the lighting and you realize what you are looking at for the first time.  The vertical line is chairs stacked to the ceiling and back-lit, creating the dramatic shapes before you. 

Event:  The cast is just so-so and the story skips along through the film plot haphazardly rearranging the details enough to cause a bit of confusion.  Regardless the confusion, you will definitely be able to understand the story no matter the Korean dialogue.  Considering the amount of advertisement, including tv commercials, devoted to Dr. Zhivago, I expected more.  After attending the musical, I decided that it must have someone famous to garner such publicity; I cannot verify this as I do not know enough about Korean actors.  The acting seemed hit or miss depending on the scene, though the singing hit the mark.

On the amazing side, the musical is worth it if only for the sets and lighting. I cannot expound enough about how truly awe inspiring the lighting and set designers were.  If you enjoy photography or have a keen eye for lighting, then without a doubt you should grab a ticket.  On the other hand, if you want to sit back and enjoy an overall great show, go see Mamma Mía.

Won:  100 - 200,000 per person