Lucy Hair

Phone:  02-325-2225/6

Location:  Sinchon Station, straight out exit 1, right at Natuur Ice Cream and look up on your right.

Update:  First off, I have been waffling about a really big hair change, but had yet to make my mind up. Randomly this morning I decided to check if Lucy could fit me in today and that would be the deciding factor. Amazingly, she facebooked me back within minutes, saying she could see me at one.

I walked in and she set me down for a consultation. I came prepared this time with a picture of what I thought I might like, but wasn't sure if it would look good on me. She evaluated my features and the picture, and grabbed some books to find and suggest a very similar look that would flatter me better. I agreed and the rest was business as usual. And, I am still a very satisfied customer.

Venue:  The venue is actually a hair salon, a real western style salon.  The inside is botique type with fun, modern decor including Warholesque posters.  The background music is, well, in the background for starters, yet well balanced and easily heard.  The music is exactly what you would expect to hear on a hip alternative/rock radio station.  Lucy's is well-lit by both inside lighting and windows.  The interior set-up is chic and keeps with the modern sleekness.  Finally, there are plenty of mirrors, because everyone likes to see their stylish transformation.

Experience:  Previously, I have tried a few places here or there, but mostly opted to only cut/trim my hair when I went home to visit.  At over a year since my last cut, I really needed to just give it another shot.  So I googled the one thing every woman wants to know in Seoul, the best place to get your hair cut.  I found a great expose from Mary on the local 10Magazine.  Upon further inspection I found Lucy Hair on facebook and their own website.  Finally, I was convinced to give Lucy a shot so I called them up and they answered in Korean!  I thought the hype was too much, but I pulled myself together and asked if they spoke English and received a faint British accent saying, "Yes, can I help you?"  Saved! 

As the day of my appointment loomed, I was admittedly a bit nervous.  They allayed my fears upon arrival by kindly greeting me and taking my bag/purse to place in a jimjilbang style locker with lock.  Then Louis guided me to the washbin for the wash and scalp massage.  The chair was one of the more comfortable I have experienced.  You know how the chairs always seem to be made for someone just a little taller/shorter and end up crunching your neck?  Didn't happen.

I sat down in the plush, black leather barber chair and Kim walked over to see what I had in mind.  Here is the only part I had trouble with.  I wanted to simply give some general guidelines and have the stylist decide the best look.  Hair at least shoulder length, no bangs, make me look beautiful.  Unfortunately this made Kim quite nervous, his eyes got big as he looked at me dumbfounded and repeated the question.  So, I tried again; I can be persistent.  He played with my hair a bit and decided long layers was safe enough.  I already had long layers, but realized I would not win this battle.  Next time I will be armed with photos.

Kim took his time cutting my hair; this is a good thing!  Meticulously checking the length and layers.  He even noticed that I had likely been dying my own hair.  Oops.  And commented that it was damaged, and suggested I use leave-in conditioner.  Three to four inches later, I was feeling a bit lighter and much more coifed.  I left with a fantastic cut.  If you need a haircut or style or dye, then Lucy Hair is the best salon in Seoul.  An aside note, it appears that you can book an appointment via facebook. 

Staff:  The staff spoke english and were obviously well trained, at Toni & Guy.  I think that you could bring any photo and they could give you that cut. 

Won:  Haircut and style cost 30,000 cash.