Suji's Restaurant & Bar

Location:  On the corner by the Itaewon Arch.  Phone 02-797-3698

Ambiance:  The restaurant spans the second and third floor, yet has a simple, slightly crowded, homelike feel to it. Each table has a fresh flower, there is low background music and you can sit on the roof. The staff are courteous and fairly prompt, though Korean style where you must beckon. This is a wonderful breakfast place if you get there early enough. Once, I got there before the official open time and they still seated me. The downside comes if you want a late breakfast/brunch because going during a high traffic time, increases the wait time substantially. 

Location:  The food is good and the menu is clear, be sure to note that some items are only available at certain times (like the weekend). Each meal I have tried, as well as every friend's plate I have snuck a bite from, has been excellent. Whichever meal you choose, it seems to be a very good one. So far, I have had blueberry pancakes, french toast, Mexican scramble (name?), New York Brunch (bagel with lox and cream cheese), etc. As a special note if you arrive early, beware of the table side ketchup bottles as they like to explode their contents upon opening; read: bottles are cold, restaurant is warm and the dichotomy lands on your clothes or plate. As a bonus, they serve breakfast all day. Overall, check this place out, you will not be disappointed.
Won:  15 - 25,000 per person (including drink)