Burger B

Phone:  070-8870-9220

Ambiance:  Nice, bar atmosphere that just feels good, think of Cheers where everybody knows your name. The place had blankets at the table and limited space heaters to put at your table to stave off the cold of the opening and closing door. This made you feel warm and toasty, which makes a happy eater.

Food:  So far, I have only tried the Peanut Butter Shake. I know that it sounds weird, but it is seriously tasty. It is hard to explain though, imagine drinking  a peanut butter cookie. I have heard raving reviews about the burgers and plan to return, soon, in order to try them for myself.  

Sadly, the bar only had enough ice cream to make three shakes, instead of the requested four. So, they gave us 10% off of the entire bill and free Coca-Cola. This a happy customer makes! Overall, I had a great time and highly recommend this place, solely on their shakes (haven't tried the food), reasonable prices (6,500 Won for a shake) and great service.  

Won:  10 - 15,000 per person (including drink)