Location:  From Sindorim Station walk straight out of exit #1 and you should run into D-Cube City; Vapiano is on the 5th Floor.

Vapiano 002.jpg

Ambiance The restaurant is decorated in a modern style using black, white and red with wooden tables and decorated with black and white photographs. It is a chic place to stop for lunch with your girlfriends, or the guys as the case may be, while maintaining the right balance for a dinner date. It has a fun atmosphere with tons of seats and good background music. Beginning in May and occurring every last Thursday of the month, Vapiano welcomes you to a foreigner party "supporting your new life in Korea" and "will give you a free glass of wine or beer (Cass) for each person". Sounds sweet to me. Overall, I was quite pleased with the food, atmosphere and especially the wine, and if nothing else you should try this place out as an excuse to go to D-Cube City.

Food:  Vapiano is styled like an updated buffet. Upon arrival they provide a card for dining with a max price of 100,000 won. First you find a seat and peruse the menu.  Once you know what you want, take your card and find the appropriate bar (pasta, steak/pizza, wine, dessert, etc) to order your food. Once you tell the chef what you want and the way you want it (extra cheese and mushrooms) then he inputs it into the computer and you swipe your card, like credit, and take your buzzer to await your meal.  When you are buzzed, go fetch it; it's that easy and kind of fun.  The food is Italian styled with plenty of vegetarian options as well as steaks and a whole wine/dessert bar full of tiramisu and cream with strawberries, which looked fabulous.  I had a Gorgonzola Pasta dish that was delightful with walnuts and a glass of nice dry, red wine.  When it is time to leave, take your card to the checkout and they will ring up your total, simply pay and walk away with a smile.  

Won:  15 - 25,000 per person (including drink)