Vatos Urban Tacos

Location:  Not far after the Itaewon Arch, across the street from McDonald's.  Phone:  02-797-8226

Ambiance:  The atmosphere is urban, with brick walls, pipe fixtures for lights and table legs and hip music. Unless you arrive early, this place is bustling and the service will reflect. This is not bad, just a fact that you should be prepared for. My main problem is with the main hostess, she can be a real turn-off to new and recurrent customers as her attitude comes off as "we don't need your business." I know you are busy and I know you are popular and I know you have good food, but yes, you do in fact need my business and you should remember that.

Food:   The tacos are deliciously tasty! The Chili Lime Shrimp taste like little bits of coconut shrimp with just the right amount of spice; note, I don't really think this is coconut shrimp. The Spicy Chicken taco seems like a very good marriage between Korean style chicken and Mexican spice. The Carne Asada and Braised Carnita tacos remind me of street food in Mexico, the kind that is chopped on a well-flavoured log, cooked right on an open flame and served in a handheld tortilla. However, about eight times the price! As the three taco plates cost about 8,000 Won.

The chips and salsa taste homemade and are delightful. I have found the particular taste of the salsa changes depending on the day you go; read: depends on the chef. You receive three hard taco shells, one small dish of salsa and salsa verde free, with no refills. Definitely skip the cheese dip, it tastes like straight melted cheese and looks like ooze. However, you should try the Kimchi Fries, even if you don't like kimchi. I order these without sour cream because they tend to go overboard. Finally, the frozen margaritas are tasty, but pricey. 

Overall, if you want good Tex-Mex food, with a dash of Korean, you should brave the lines at least once. 

Won:  20 - 30,000 per person (including drink)