Papavalley Pizza

Location:  Walk straight out of Samgakji exit 10, turn left at the exercise equipment, then enter the World Mark building; restaurant is on second floor.  Phone 02-797-4003 

Ambiance:  As you walk in, you are struck with the wafting of pizza baking and the feeling that Papavalley's is a little mom and pop place. It is small and well-lit with sleek, minimalist decorations. The music is low and usually Jazz or Classical, though they had some very tasteful Christmas music of late: read classic Christmas music. The owners, a husband-wife team I think, are amazingly sweet and kind. Most of the business is take-out, so they might not have the drink you want, but if you are a regular they will make sure to stock it in future.

Christmas Arugula Pizza
Christmas Arugula Pizza

Food:  The pizza is reminiscent of what you would make at home with fresh ingredients. You can actually watch the man roll the dough out and cut the vegetables. The size is good too, coming in both 12 and 18 inch options. As a bonus, you can add or subtract from the pizza.

The Delight Pizzas are hand tossed and cut in the traditional pizza style. One of my favorites is the Pepperoni Mania with jalapenos added. Though, the Vegetable Mania is good as well and comes tasty, seasonal vegetables (and no corn!). The Premium Pizzas are thin crust, cut in a grid pattern, and include special ingredients like Gorgonzola, arugula, Camembert cheese, roasted chicken, Margherita, etc. I have tried almost all of the premium pizzas and find them all delicious.

Apart from pizza, they have pastas, of which I have only had a few bites of the Meat Sauce Pasta from a friend's plate. This is a popular dish at Korean pizzerias and is often called Oven-Baked Spaghetti. The drinks menu is limited, with absolutely no sodas available. Though, they have foreign beers: Asahi, Heineken, Hoegaarden as well as Cass. The sweet, sweet bonus of this place is their coffee. They use the Kopi Luwak beans and if you haven't had a chance to try it yet, this would be the ideal opportunity for you to do so. Of note, I recommend sticking with plain coffee, americano or espresso, because again, they are not well-stocked with beverages.

No kidding, this is the absolute best pizza I have ever had in Korea. I highly recommend this place as the best pizza in Seoul. You will not be disappointed.

Won:  15 - 30,000 per person/couple (including drink)