Location:  Next to Noxa Lounge in Kyeongnidan.  Phone:  02-767-4769

Ambiance:  Small and simple inside, with warm lights make for a cozy little date spot.

Food:  The menu feels like a choose your own adventure. As you must select a size, a carbohydrate, a protein, a sauce, and any extras. All plates come with a generous serving of vegetables, including bok choy broccoli, carrot, bean sprouts, bell peppers. The carbs can be a variety of rice and noodles, while the protein is pretty standard fair with beef, chicken, and tofu, et al. I usually opt for the sweet and spicy Thai sauce, and I always ask for extra.

The spring rolls are also good, but their secret weapon is dessert. They serve deep-fried goodies like ice cream, bananas, and oreos. All of which are, unfortunately, delicious.

Won:  15 - 20,000 per person (including drink)