Craftworks Taphouse & Bistro

Location:  Hidden in an ally just past Noxa Lounge.  Phone:  02-794-2537

Ambiance:  Loud, very bar like feel to this place. Definitely, not a quiet date place nor a family outing. As a bonus, they have quiz night. The waitstaff use an innovative iPod app system, instead of the traditional paper and pen method of taking your order. This is cool, but occasionally causes missed items. Another curiosity of the setup, it is like a bar that just happens to serve food, so expect to start a tab with your credit card when you order.

Food:  The food is just so-so. I say go for the brewery and have appetizers. The fries with chili and cheese are to die for! The burgers are okay. Overall though, I have tried quite a few main plates here, but they are almost always hit or miss; and usually miss. Between the waitstaff, who are slow and busy, and the general kitchen, sometimes the food arrives cold. And, they look at you like you have a third eye if you tell them kindly and request to have it heated. I'm sorry, but soup of the day should be hot unless it's gazpacho! In fact the overall work ethic seems quite low. I have had friends go in when the hours clearly state the kitchen is open, but be denied service because the chef had a long day and went home early.

Won:  15 - 20,000 per person (including drink)